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The Lost and Forgotten

Please remember us!

9/8/08 03:40 pm - damianarose - Fall Prompt

Title: Too Little Too Late

Author: Renee
Word Count: 286 sorry but I love Hestia Jones in the way I've created her and I get a kick out of pairing her with Reggie Black hehehe
Rating: PG
Characters: Hestia, Regulus, Lily, Remus, mention of Sirius.
Warning: Characters created in my own view but JK Rowling owns them I just abuse them :)

Hestia Jones saw Regulus from across the lawn. She froze she hadn’t seem him since school started and she was afraid she’d give away exactly how she felt about him to her friends.
“What’s up Hes?” Lily asked her, green eyes following Hestia’s gaze to the younger boy.
“Oh no Hestia, C’mon I thought we got over this last year.”
“We did, I just hadn’t seen him yet this year,” Hestia lowered her eyes. She had decided last year after Regulus had told her, sadly, that he didn’t return her affection that she could waste no more time loving him. But it also meant they couldn’t be friends anymore which had upset them both.
Only Lily, Hestia and Regulus knew how she felt, they’d kept the rest from her friends especially since Hestia was friends with Reggie’s brother Sirius and the two hated each other.
Hestia had even found another boy over the summer, one that really liked her, he was handsome and sweet and smart everything Regulus hadn’t been. But still her chin came up and she tracked her old friend across the grass.
Reggie stopped and turned and his eyes found her, he smiled and raised a hand. Lily grabbed Hestia’s and hissed, “No, he’s coming.” Referring to Hestia’s new boyfriend.
An arm wrapped around her waist and she felt breath in her ear a minute before lips touched her cheek. She watched anger fill Regulus face as Remus Lupin came into view, spooning her backside.
Her eyes filled as she saw emotion she’d always wanted to see fill Reggie’s face but it was too late, it had been time for change so she’d done so and Regulus’ jealousy was too little too late.

9/8/08 02:37 pm - damianarose - New Prompt

Major personal drama! Sorry, new prompt is


If no one but me does this one I am closing this community. Sorry but it's too hard to deal with a community that's dead....

6/14/08 05:41 am - hpchronicles - Memories

Title; Memories
Author; hpchronicles
Rating; G
Warning; DH spoilers (in case you should still be warned of them).
Summary; Just a day in the life.
Story; Behind the CutCollapse )

5/22/08 10:15 pm - damianarose - Memories

Title: Elusive
Rating: PG
Characters: Teddy Lupin

Things were forgotten so easily Teddy decided as he sat watching Harry and Ginny play with their children. He loved his Godfather and all his family. But he always wished he had one memory of his parents. It seemed over time everyone forgot about the tragedy and the war. But not Teddy, even his grandmother never mentioned it. Teddy couldn't forget. He struggled to grasp one phantom smell or one tiny flick, but he had been too young when they died and their memory eluded him.
Shaking off his melancholy Teddy joined in the merry, at least he could make new memories.

5/22/08 09:53 pm - damianarose - We're Back For Good

Sorry my beloved drabblers about all the lack of well... Everything, things here in modville have been hectic to say the least...

So in true form we are back! Back with these new rules since I now have
1)WAAAAAY more free time
2) A non breaking down actually internet friendly computer
3)And a little help from my best friend and fellow drabbler!
First new rule

a)Therw W I L L be a new theme every two weeks.
b)Everyone will either participate or comment
c) please leave me ideas for prompts on a regular basis.

This next two week theme will be Memories

4/23/08 07:24 pm - nessaxsnape - Prompt: Spring

Title: Eternal Spring
Author: nessaxsnape
Rating: G
Summary: A brief moment with Tobias Snape as he waits.

Eternal SpringCollapse )

Title: I hate Spring.
Author: nessaxsnape
Rating: PG for mention of murder.
Warning: Murder...well its mentioned.
Summary: Spring just isn't all that's cracked up to be for some.

I Hate Spring.Collapse )

Oh yes! I'm so glad to be posting here. I hope you guys like these and I will be checking out all your great work out there so please please post to this community. Shame on me for waiting so long.

3/29/08 01:26 pm - damianarose - A note from your mod

New prompt and a message from your mod.

And I am BACK With a bunch of crappy drama that happened the past month or so I haven't been a very good MOD and I apologize but now my internet is back and I killed those created drama j/k so here goes. The winners of the contest will still get their banner I promise I did make them :) I just had a lost of shit to catch up on.

So to instill my new 2008 happy joyness A new contest...


You may submit 2 pieces

As nasty as you'd like or as cannon or slash or whatever.

The theme is:

SPRING And anything that could possibly happen in the, or however you choose to interpret it.

Thanks and go drabble!

1/2/08 05:17 am - damianarose - New Prompt for the New year

Okay everyone here is the newest prompt!! Enjoy and hope you all have a great 2008!!!!!


12/15/07 09:15 am - damianarose - Adult Content

This community is now considered adult content.

It is for 18 + only

I have removed those whom I could not tell there age.

Please list ur age someone on ur profile.

Comment here is you are under 18 and I missed you.

User membership is now moderated, so if you promote us please add that into your information.

Sorry but lj is forcing the issue.

12/14/07 11:47 am - damianarose - New Prompt

So beloved slashers, shippers, smut and non, cannon and blackcest and all of thee above.

The new theme is

Charlie Weasley or Once you go red you don't go back
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